ADC12DJ5200ALRSEP Radiation-tolerant, 30-krad, 12-bit, dual 5.2-GSPS or single 10.4-GSPS ADC

Features for the ADC12DJ5200-SEP

  • Radiation Tolerance:

    • Total Ionizing Dose (TID): 30 krad (Si)

    • Single Event Latchup (SEL): 43 MeV-cm 2/mg

    • Single Event Upset (SEU) immune registers

  • Space-enhanced plastic (space EP):

    • Meets ASTM E595 out-gassing specification

    • Vendor item drawing (VID) V62/22611

    • Temperature range: –55°C to 125°C

    • One fabrication, assembly, and test site

    • Wafer lot traceability

    • Extended product life cycle

    • Extended product change notification

  • ADC core:

    • 12-bit resolution

    • Up to 10.4 GSPS in single-channel mode

    • Up to 5.2 GSPS in dual-channel mode

  • Performance specifications:

    • Dual-channel mode: –151.8 dBFS/Hz

    • Single-channel mode: –154.4 dBFS/Hz

    • Noise floor (–20 dBFS, V FS = 1 V PP-DIFF):

    • ENOB (dual channel, F IN = 2.4 GHz): 8.6 Bits

  • Buffered analog inputs with V CMI of 0 V:

    • Analog input bandwidth (–3 dB): 8 GHz

    • Usable input frequency range: > 10 GHz

    • Full-scale input voltage (V FS, default): 0.8 V PP

  • Noiseless aperture delay (t AD) adjustment:

    • Precise sampling control: 19-fs Step

    • Simplifies synchronization and interleaving

    • Temperature and voltage invariant delays

  • Easy-to-use synchronization features:

    • Automatic SYSREF timing calibration

    • Time stamp for sample marking

  • JESD204C serial data interface:

    • Maximum lane rate: 17.16 Gbps

    • Support for 64b/66b and 8b/10b encoding

    • 8b/10b modes are JESD204B compatible

  • Optional digital down-converters (DDC):

    • Complex decimation: 4x (IBW = 0.2*F S = 2.08 GHz in DES mode, 1.04 GHz per channel in dual channel mode), 8x, 16x and 32x

    • Four independent 32-Bit NCOs per DDC

  • Peak RF Input Power (Diff): +26.5 dBm (+ 27.5 dBFS, 560x fullscale power)

  • Programmable FIR filter for equalization

  • Power consumption: 4 W

  • Power supplies: 1.1 V, 1.9 V

Description for the ADC12DJ5200-SEP

The ADC12DJ5200-SEP device is an RF-sampling, giga-sample, analog-to-digital converter (ADC) that can directly sample input frequencies from DC to above 10 GHz. ADC12DJ5200-SEP can be configured as a dual-channel, 5.2 GSPS ADC or single-channel, 10.4 GSPS ADC. Support of a useable input frequency range of up to 10 GHz enables direct RF sampling of L-band, S-band, C-band, and X-band for frequency agile systems.

The ADC12DJ5200-SEP uses a high-speed JESD204C output interface with up to 16 serialized lanes supporting up to 17.16 Gbps line rate. Deterministic latency and multi-device synchronization is supported through JESD204C subclass-1. The JESD204C interface can be configured to trade-off line rate and number of lanes. Both 8b/10b and 64b/66b data encoding schemes are supported. 64b/66b encoding supports forward error correction (FEC) for improved bit error rates. The interface is backwards compatible with JESD204B receivers.

Innovative synchronization features, including noiseless aperture delay adjustment and SYSREF windowing, simplify system design for multichannel applications. Optional digital down converters (DDCs) are available to provide digital conversion to base-band and to reduce the interface rate. A programmable FIR filter allows on-chip equalization.