Terms of Use

LIANYIXIN operates the website located at to provide online access to information about products that are available at LIANYIXIN (the "Products") and to facilitate the purchase of Products (the "Service"). These Terms of Use, together with the Conditions of Order, are referred to as this "Agreement". By using LIANYIXIN, you agree to each of the following terms and conditions set forth herein ("Terms of Use"). By ordering Products, you agree to the Terms of Use, as well as the Conditions of Order, set forth below.LIANYIXIN reserves the right to modify this Agreement at any time without giving you prior notice. Your use of the Site following any such modification constitutes your agreement to follow and be bound by the Agreement as modified. The last date this Agreement was revised is set forth below.

Intellectual Property Rights

We are the owner or the licensee of all intellectual property rights on our sites (including copyright, trademarks, design rights, patents or other intellectual property rights), and in the material published on it. Those works are protected by intellectual property laws and treaties around the world. All such rights are reserved.

You may print off copies, and may download extracts, of any page(s) from our sites for your personal use or internal business use, and you may draw the attention of others within your organization to content posted on our sites. Reproduction of part or all of the contents of the websites in any form is prohibited other than for personal use or internal business use only and may not be recopied and shared with a third party.

Order Process

We welcome you to place orders for all the Products from our website. You may need to read the order process to understand how to purchase the Products and receive the Service after payment and shipping.

Payment Terms

LIANYIXIN offers several convenient payment methods in US dollars, including PayPal, credit card, and wire transfer. Payment must be made in the currency in which the order was placed. If you need other payment terms, please contact our customer service at [email protected].

Shipping Options

LIANYIXIN offers different kinds of shipping methods: we may help you arrange the delivery of the package via FedEx, DHL, UPS or any other logistics company you prefer. You may choose your own logistics service if you have cooperated with a specific delivery company. We also accept the shipping method requested by the client. Normally, the lead time for most parts will be 1-3 working days or 5-7 working days. Special requirements need to be confirmed with our sales team.

Quality Control and After-sales Service

At LIANYIXIN, we guarantee that all merchandise we provide is sourced directly from the original factory, authorized agent, or authorized distributor, and are original and new parts. We provide inspection records for all orders delivered by our customer service team. Additionally, we offer a one-year warranty for all merchandise delivered. We do not accept order cancellations unless the customer has a valid reason, such as evident proof that the merchandise is not original or new.

If there is a quality issue with the merchandise after delivery, please contact us within three working days, and we will follow the after-sales service agreement to exchange the new parts. The after-sales service agreement is in place to provide the best service for our customers. Please carefully read the agreement to handle any product issues before submitting a complaint. We do not accept order cancellations after shipment, only the replacement of faulty products. We only accept product issues with apparent damage during transportation when the package is received and photographed as evidence. We require a formal product issue description when a customer reports a product issue after receiving the merchandise for three working days to confirm the issue. The formal product issue description should include text descriptions, photos, videos, preliminary tests, etc. Once the product issue is confirmed, LIANYIXIN will exchange the new parts and undertake the shipping cost for the new parts. If necessary, we may require the return of the faulty product for inspection or testing purposes, and customers should assist in returning the faulty parts. LIANYIXIN will undertake the shipping cost.


LIANYIXIN is accountable for offering technical support to ensure the website is in working order, avoiding service interruptions, or minimizing the time limit for any interruptions, to ensure smooth user access to the website. However, we will not be held responsible for any website crashes or inability to use the website resulting from force majeure or other reasons beyond our control, which may result in lost records, messages, or information. Additionally, we will not be held responsible for any unauthorized access or illegal or unauthorized use of information, including identifiable information. If user information, including identifiable information, is accessed through unauthorized or improper use of user account or login information or due to user failure to secure user username, password, or customer ID, LIANYIXIN will not be held responsible.

Revision Date

This Agreement was last revised on April 8, 20